Possibly fix 1 specific toon crashing

Do you have a specific character that repeatedly crashes?

First be careful, we are not talking about the entire account which can display:

  • “already logged in”, in this case, you have to wait or /petition if it doesn’t auto-fix after awhile
  • “suspended / banned”, in this case it is suspended, it can be temporary or not, often it will be useless to contact the support …
  • “not paid”, the account is not paid or the payment has failed, in the latter case it is possible to contact support

In short, here we are talking about an account that works: we access the list of characters, most of them log in perfectly … but there is one that crashes even before we get to load the game!

Here is a lead to test before / petition, contacting someone at Funcom via Discord / mail or posting on their official forum: it may be the preferences that got corrupted during a character crash.

To try to correct this:

1- Make sure you find your preferences folders used by the AO client, fictitious example C: / Users / YourSession / AppData / Local / Funcom / AO / 123abd / AO / prefs ; you will need to find a folder there for each game account that you have logged in at least once

2- Enter the account folder of the crashing character, you should see a list of folders named Char12345 … where you have to find the one that corresponds to your crashing character! To help, the Containers subfolder contains one .xml file for each bag of the inventory or the bank, opening them (without modifying them!) in a text editor can allow the character to be identified by the name of the bag (container_name)

3- Once the good folder Char12345 has been identified, try to add _save in the name to give Char12345_save (which will restore the folder if the character still crashes in further steps) ; if you can not identify the folder rename ALL the folders Char12345 to Char12345_save (but you will have to remove _save at the very end, whether the problem is fixed or not )

4- To be sure you are in the correct folders, try to log any non-crasher character from the same account, this should create a blank Char12345 folder, which you can then delete once delogged that testing character. If no blank folder has been created, you are not in the right place, start over all up!

5- Otherwise now try to re-log the crasher character, which should create its new base Char12345 folder ; if the character crashes again, delete this new folder Char12345 and rename the older one by removing _save from it (as well as to the others if you had renamed them too) ; all you have left is try / petition, discord / mail, forum and be patient …

6- But if this manipulation has solved the concern of the character, you then have 2 possibilities (including to rename all the other folders without _save if you had modified them before) : either to redo its whole interface manually (windows, shortcuts, naming of bags, etc.), either disconnect and try to copy some files from its _save to its new folder Char12345 then reconnect (at the risk of bringing back the file that was just crashing everything …) in short, it’s up to you from now :wink:

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