Crashs on Character Load


I was finishing a quest in ‘The Scorched Desert’ and the game crashed at the end of a cut scene - The one in the town where there’s an explosion on a roof

Now I can’t login - keeps crashing on character load screen.

Is it possible to move my character somewhere or something?


Try the repair button under Options on the launcher.

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Tried that - Didnt work :frowning:


Typically when you consistently crash on loading screen like that and corrupt files aren’t the cause, it’s because the character had not properly logged out when you did. There is currently no character online named ‘Gotana’ at the time of my reply here, however.

There are two main ways to deal with this particular iteration of issues:

If you have multiple characters on your account, log into an alternate character character. Should you successfully log in to the alt, it will often then fix the issue with the bugged character… usually by kicking them offline since you can’t play two characters at once!

If an alt doesn’t help or you don’t have one or a character slot to make one, you can petition a GM, who can usually fix things for you. If you have an alt, you can petition from the alt. Otherwise, you can petition out-of-game.

There are of course other reasons one might crash consistently in loading, but I hope this helps!


It’s not great that the only fix is to pay for an alt - but I’ll give it a try :confused:

** Update **
I crash when I try log into creating a new character…
Fresh install it is! :smiley:

** Update 2 **

Fresh Install Worked - Thanks

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