Crash loop only on 1 character

Hello, I did a petition about that issue but 2 GMs couldn’t find a solution so they told me to post here. In one of my accounts I have a character named “Apofix” wich I can’t logging anymore , I mean I can log in account and choose tha cahracter but when I launch to log him the game crash after few seconds on the AO logo . Hopefully you could help me here.

How it happened :
I think it was 3 days ago , when a lot of people had crash (specially in cities), I crashed this day on “Apofix” and didn’t login back immediatly. After the patch the loop started.

What have been done :
GM can connect on toon, he unequiped yhalm and moved toon to another location.

Do I use tier program :
No, I don’t except if AO Item assistant is considered as one.
And yes I tryed to reboot computer and game without AOIA running (even in background and cache cleaned).

Still stuck, please help me dear community.
To be continued …

At Logon screen - what does it says about location (PF number/Name)?

Could be corrupted prefs on that character causing crash. Apofix chard ID seems to be : 1903693. Find a Folder named Char1903693 under %localappdata%\Funcom and rename it in to a Char1903693_BAK. Try login on, if no crash -> prefs were corrupted. If it still crashes -> problem is server side most likely.

Andromeda (ICC) (655)

Hi, I copied all ao files in a new backup and reinstalling the full game actually.

Edit : now atleast I can login “Apofix” character thank you.
Copyed prefs from old install to the new old , It seems my setting are updated but i have to remake all my bars skills , I will search on google , it may have a fast way to copy old settings for skills bars I guess.

DrUrban , after i reinstalled game, I could login on Apofix , when I copyed prefs all worked except Apofix wich crash again , used your advice by adding _BAK and I can login Apofix again but my old setting are not showing anymore (bars shortcuts etc). Thank you, i probably now just have to delete apofix prefs and remake my setups manually.

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