Cannot get the game out of restart loop?

I accidentally pressed continue on the Funcom launcher and now the game is stuck in a constant restart loop where it only wants to connect to my private server no matter if I restart my computer and select launch game in the Funcom launcher…
It won’t ever reach the main menu so I can choose singleplayer or select an online server, it still tries to join a game after start up and then goes into a restart loop until I shut it down through windows task manager.
Also *I have cleared all mods, so that they cannot cause any problems, but the game doesn’t care, it just keep on trying to join a game even though I specifically select launch game :frowning_face:

Is there any file I can edit so it will start fresh?

I found a solution…

It turned out to be a mod that needed to be updated on my server, so after updating the mod and restarting the server I was finally able to just load the game into the main menu after having connected to my private server :slight_smile:

Still I am baffled that hitting continue on the Funcom launcher can prevent me from playing any other game mode or server if it points to a private server that has mods which need an update.
I mean, I was lucky that it was my own server so I could restart it myself, but what would happen if it had been a private server that I had joined, I could have been stuck in that loop until the owner finally restarted the server… Something this serious needs to be fixed!

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