Stuck in a loop

Every time I click on the start game button on the launcher, the launcher disappears like the game is about to start only to reopen a moment later. I have tried the repair function both on the launcher and on steam. I have reinstalled several times (both from client and on steam), tried full client and normal, reinstalled Visual C++ Redistributable and Direct X, turned off virus scan (and reinstalled with it off) even tried deleting the GUI file and running patcher setup. Nothing works. I got the game to run once after installing over night but after exiting the bug started again. I can’t think of anything left to try.

Hey Warhawk, sorry to hear of the trouble. Issues such as this usually require more specific information about the system it’s occurring on, so we’ll need you to open a tech support ticket to provide further assistance. Please go to and submit an email using the form there with Tech selected in the drop-down box above the message body and we’ll be back in touch with you as soon as we can.