Funcom Launcher File Location

Does anyone know where Funcom launcher keeps the data about the “Continue” button?

I want to basically back it up to make server switching easier and faster, and instead of having to press Launch and go through server browser, I’d basically just pull appropriate “Continue file” for a server I want to play on and press “Continue”

It’s possibly pulling the info from your game.ini file which includes a section called [SavedServers]. This file also includes CachedUsers info for [FuncomLiveServices] and is located in:




That certainly seems to be the case, just tested it, thanks! Time to copy the file for each server then, and make a fast switcher between them.

If you want, you can try using BUGLE. It’s one of the features. I just published the first alpha version of it today, so I’m looking for guinea pigs to try it :wink:

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Very interesting. I’ll take a glance at it and see how it is! I basically just wrote a quick and dirty batch file that moves modlists around, and also Game.ini, for each server I play on. Does exactly what I want, though if there’s additional QoL in your app, I’ll definitely use it!

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