Cannot join a server boots me to main menu

I will keep this short.

I have 329 hours on this game and love it. I took a break due to work and got back into Conan right when the new update came out was looking forward to playing it. Single player works fine and dandy but when I try to join a server online it loads then kicks me to the main menu with no message on why it did so. My drivers are all updated I have checked four times, I do not have any mods (Never installed any) I have uninstalled the game twice now and re downloaded it twice and still nothing seems to be working.

I hope you guys can help me out here I would hate to stop playing this amazing game please contact me back as soon as possible so I can get back making the company money.

Sincerely Matt.

Having Same Issue. made character got ready join fight & BOOOOM booted me. i have tried all Official servers with Vac. but i see funcom is letting some of fall thru the crack. let put this way. i play 4 of ur Games. sub for 7 yrs in AOC. Now what the problem to answer our call.?