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Whenever I try to join an online server, my game begins the loading screen, freezes, then proceeds to tell me “Conan Exiles has stopped responding.” The game will not close unless I manually Alt + F4 or go to task manager. This is not a huge issue for me as I want to play on my friends’ server… but I cannot do that. Every time I try to join my friends, I get a connection error. I can, however, play single player if I want, but I really only got the game to play with friends. I have absolutely 0 issues with literally every other game, just this one. If anyone has a fix, it is extremely appreciated. Thanks!

did you have try to connect to an other server ?
Have other the same issue like you ?

Hey @JPro

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues. Have you tried any of the possible solutions in our Common Technical issues thread?

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