Cannot Pay for Patron Status

Hello, I was a Patron subscriber (via paypal) up until today, when my auto-renew failed. I tried to resubmit payment, both in-game and via the account management website, and they have similarly failed. I have made multiple recent purchases of Aurum that all went through fine, and there should be no problem processing this payment. But when I filed a support ticket [Funcom #1209811] I received an e-mail stating that response times are currently ‘extremely long,’ which–frankly–is absurd. I’m a paying patron trying to give you more money so that I can continue being a patron. You guys aren’t. . . interested enough in that to move things a long a little? Not being a patron for the next 2-3 weeks (or however long) will have a seriously negative impact on my ability to play the game to the level that I am accustomed, so if you would like me to KEEP spending money on this game I think the very least you guys could do would be to flip whatever switch in my account resets the supposed ‘payment limit’ so that I can continue giving you money without any undue disruption.

Thank you.


I know it’s frustrating to experience disruptions. Unfortunately billing issues cannot be resolved on the forums, and we don’t have access to your financials for security reasons.

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