Cannot place a final ramp corner (Previously found thread about it didn't help me...)

I have placed foundations below every corner ramp. Placed ramps around, and there is this last ramp corner piece that I simply cannot place, because I can’t place a foundation beneath it - it’s underground.
How can I fix this? I tried rebuilding the entire corner trying from the corner itself, rather than walls, but it just stopped me at the first step - just can’t place a corner ramp, if it’s underground.

My apologies for not giving any picture. I just cannot send them, here yet.

Help me, please.

Does it report any error messages before and after you try to place it? You can upload a pic to imgur or any similar site and post a link. That might help.

I cannot post any links, either. It says:
“This needs to snap to an existing building piece” - and while there are ramp pieces next to the spot, without the foundation I just can’t place it.
I am playing Coop and I am using Yamatai building pieces, if that makes any difference.

If you’re playing in sandbox you can go in ghost mode to go underground and click fly once you’re deep enough to place this. Unfortunately in pvp / pve this is not possible since admin rights can only come to actual admin etc… I hope this helps a little bit.

That shouldn’t matter, afaik. Does it have enough stability? I’ve never had trouble burying pieces into the ground. Maybe try to place a pillar or foundation one piece back and see if it will place then?

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Right below this corner there is a foundation that is already half burried into the ground. On this foundation two ramps attached, that also are halfway underground. And I have this corner, which I can’t anyhow place, because everything is so deep underground.
I got this. If I do not place a corner ramp above and place one side ramp on the level, where I want to place a corner and couldn’t it works.

Thank you for your efforts, bbtech! Your concerns made me more determined to solve this issue! :slight_smile:


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