Problem with ramps please help

Game mode: Singleplayer]

ok that’s the 3rd time i’m building a pyramid, and this time is the worst amongst all.

i Explain:

As you can see on the pictures i can’t get the last ramp that makes the connection between the ground and the building in, i have tried all different kind of approaches, i even destroyed the entire thing several times and the result is always the same : the ramp supposed to be placed at the right side from the ramp angle corner won’t fit in, but weirdly enough its little sister at the left side will always work and always fit in.
as you see it’s not a stability or a landsclaim issue.
i have come to a point where i’m clueless now, so please could a dev or someone explain me what i’m missing or what’s going wrong here?
Thanks in advance.

the ramp piece won’t fit in

landsclaim is ok

stability is ok

a view of the entire thing, just in case it could help to find the culprit…

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I had a similar problem once, but with a corner stair instead… similar situation and similar symptom. What solved it was placing a foundation below the corner piece. But that’s a solution only if you don’t mind having foundations down there… perhaps is not a solution for your case.

In my case, even if the stability number should have been enough to give support to the straight stair to attach to the side of the corner piece (stair in this case) it wouldn’t allow me.

I had to place the foundation, place the side stair and then place the corner stair above it.

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Same issue here on PC SP PVP, I made four of these pyramid bases for four altars, and all but one had exactly the same issue, that last corner piece just wouldn’t snap into place. I may have tried the foundation trick that Leeux mentioned but not sure so will try it now to see if I can complete those pyramid bases.

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Leeux, your suggestion worked, I put down a foundation at those corners that were not allowing the ramps to be placed and it did work. The foundation is not after I placed the ramps so that is find. Heck I have a completley enclosed 1 X 1 room three high built inside my attic to avoid the stability of 20 on my roof cap you don’t see that unless you ghost into the attic either.


an other variant off the placement bugs and problems since the hack and exploits fix patch.

I know, builging has become tedious, and you never know which part will not want to place while you build. There are often elements that want place correctly with no apparent reason.

Sometime a relog changed this, sometimes not. Fiddling around may work or not. Best results i had often by when i destroyed the parts around, and replaced them with new ones.

Realy hope they will do some rework of this patch, or simply do a sort of rollback. Building was still one of my mainpleasure in game, and this makes building more complex things a realy pain and frustrating.

Will try doing some tests with the ramps this week-end, today no time realy. But i’m sure my results will be similar to yours. :smirk:


First, thanks for your feedback guys !

While building other structures in the swamp, I noticed your issue with cornered stairs in my game as well Leeux. But interestingly enough, it was the corner ramps that saved my day in that case: i had to replace all corner stairs angles with corner ramps angles.

In the case showed above though, it doesn’t seem it’s the corner itself which is causing the issue (but could be…never know with “conan”…) actually only the ramp itself won’t just fit in.
I have tried to complete every angle of the pyramid,and why on earth is that always the ramps from the right side that is messing things up!!!

Reloging, destroy /make new building pieces, changing target locartion, switching from one building piece to an other, and even completely change the spot of my base didn’t help there.

Ok so if i understand well, i should try to place a foundation underneath the top corner ramp angle, right? then the ramp would just fit in? ok let’s do it then !!!

BTW, Sorry for the english mistakes, it’s hard to find the appropriate english word for “rampe d’angle” maybe you’ll tell me it’s easy as a pie, and it’s just “angle ramp”…no idea.

Even if it doesn’t work, thanks guys again!

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in that case it was with stone brick near sepermeru about 1 month ago and moving the entire pyramid from it’s original place to a new one: 2 foundations further away fixed the pb.

A rule I use to evade this kind of problem is aways level the ground with foundations. If you had level ground with foundationa the ramps would attach just fine to the foundation.
It’s a bit more work to figure the hightest point of your building to start with the foundation leveling, but it prevents problems like this one.

I really like the mod Exile Architect which includes construction lines made of cord and wood so you can simulate the foundation placement of complex buildings, wish funcom made something like this official.


thanks mate.
just don’t understand what you mean by " If you had level ground with foundationa" though. guess you mean it’s a question of foundations height maybe…
but i actually tried to rebuild it with the max height possible for the foundations connected to the ground and it was still the same story, but anyway i got it to work :sunglasses:, i’ll explain it in the next post.

ok so i did try “leeux”'s advice and here are the results, i’ll try to explain it the best way i can in order to maybe help other players who may encounter the same issue in the future:

So if i understood well what worked for leux and sir charles i tried placing a foundation underneath the corner ramp for a new connection between the foundation and the ground for THE ONE “ANNOYING” ramp, and as you can see here it didn’t work at first and again, as the next pict shows the ramp from the left side was ok, once again…:thinking:

So then i decided to try an other approach, by destroying the walls and starting to place the ramps from the one foundation that was connected to nothing and it worked.

Usually i build the main “skeleton” of the entire structure first, before attaching any"special" building pieces to it, if you understand what i mean, but in that case, i learnt that it’s better to start with the fondations and the ramps only first, keep on going untill one floor is done, then and then only start to add walls and ceilings in order to build the second floor.
here are 2 screens of the entire thing once i’m done with the main floor, so you have an idea of what was built first:


finally i managed to get the entire thing done and this would have not been possible without your help guys, since i would have probably given up on that pyramid idea because of this very annoying issue.

I know you guys may certainly prefer a more traditional look for a pyramid (since it’s softer for the eyes) but it’s one i like :smiley: … only sad thing i realised at the end is that the thing would have looked way better if the first foundations would have been placed something higher than what they are here, but hell, i was so happy that i was finally able to get the thing snapping at first that i didn’t bother thinking about the final look of it…will def think about it next time though:wink:
hope this can maybe help other players one day to deal with this issue, also that all i said was fairly understandable lol, and THANK YOU ALL again for your help.


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Nah… Love it :slight_smile: I really like that shape…

It also has a peripheral walkway for thralls to help defend it. I’d add some palisades around it though, to help prevent astray mobs to get to my thralls :slight_smile:

Also, don’t know if the ramps count at valid pathing for the AI or not… they could and this point could be unnecessary, but, perhaps, it could be safer to add a couple of stairs somewhere so the AI can find a way into it (in case you start having glitchy purges or glitchy thralls, I mean… I have to confess that I haven’t used ramps in my constructions yet :blush: )


And yeah!

I have to second @Agnusthemagi here… love Exiles Architect mod and I think something like it SHOULD be in the game already.

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ah, i’m surprised you like it, thanks. i have actually destroyed half the thing again to get to the wished height i was talking about…just couldn’t bear the look of the first floor :grin: so just spent several hundreds of mats again :smiley:
yeah totally agree about the defensive possibilies with that set up i’ll show you what’s it is about in the fan work section soon, so yeah thralls do use ramps as stairs.

About the palissades i get your idea but mine is actually to get my thralls involved as much as i can so…

About the mods can def imagine how usefull some might be but i have decided to not play with mods untill the game has been patched enough so i have to deal with such issues with workarounds untill the game has reached a certain degree of stability, but of course this is a personnal way of seeing it :smiley:

Anyway, i thank you and Agnusthemagi for pointing that out…could def come handy at some point :smiley:

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