Cannot rebuild water well

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug

  1. Build a water well on some foundations, later upgrade the foundations to black ice
  2. Destroy the well
  3. Try to build a new well at the same spot

There is no sign like “you can´t build there” or the like when I position it, only when I click to lay it down nothing happens. I use mods GCAM, Emberlight
EDIT: I solved it! There was a Pool of Refreshment (riddle of steel dlc) nearby. When i removed it, i could place the well. Is there a minimum distance between wells?
2nd EDIT: Now I replaced the Pool of Refrehment no problem…


possible workaround until it can be patched

if there is room try adding a foundation near where the problem occurs, sandstone is fine.
then try to place the well.
if it places you can then remove the extra foundation.

this may or may not work, but it has for me in the past.
good luck.

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