Cannot Start New Character

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer / Steam User]
Problem: [Crash/Bug]
Region: [US]

Cannot get past “Finalize Character” Screen.
Trying to start over after latest Patch / hotfix. Everything seems normal during character creation up until Finalize Character screen. When trying to edit the character name, game locks up completely when spacebar is pressed.

No way to escape from frozen screen and get back to desktop other than to force close (crash) the program.

I verified file integrity through steam: no change.
Help please?

EDIT: Trying to use same char name I used successfully in previous play through which accepted spaces without trouble. Problem only showed up after MOAP.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.From main screen, select “new”
2. confirm deletion of existing char pop up
3. select gender
4. edit char appearance as normal
5. select finalize char
6. LMB on char name field, field highlights as normal
7. begin typing new name, letters appear in field as expected
8. hit SPACE (two word name)
9. game freezes/ locks up. cursor disappears. doesn’t respond to esc enter LMB or any other key I tried.

Further investigation: I don’t think it as the SPACE causing it.
It seems it is the “H” key I was hitting just prior to the space. Gotta be a key mapping issue.
I re-mapped the H key to toggle the HUD. So… I think that is why the accept button or whatever is disappearing and the game gets stuck. Hitting H a second time does NOT bring it back though. Still have to force close the game to get free.

So why is are those keys active at all during the create char phase? Must we avoid any letter in a char name that uses some key that serves another in-game function?

Also, why is there no option to toggle nameplates? I don’t want to permanently disable them in settings, but would like to turn them off when I’m not thrall hunting.