Cannot create new character

PC Win10
Single Player mode

Trying to start over. Character creation (face body etc) work fine up until the “Finalize Character” screen.
When trying to edit the character name, hitting space bar causes game to freeze. Cursor disappears, game doesn’t respond to any key after that.
Only way out of it is to force close the program.

Other letters seem to work right up until you hit space, then… complete lockup.

I desperately want to get in some play time this weekend and check out the hotfix but can’t get past char creation final step.

Help! Please?

Try “Verify integrity of game files”.

Right click Conan Exiles in your Steam libary, select properties, click on local files there you will find a button called “Verify integrity of games files”.

Maybe this will do the trick :slight_smile:

I already tried that. Didn’t have any effect. Sorry I should have mentioned what I had already attempted.
Thanks though. I do appreciate the response.
Any other ideas on what to try next? Anyone?

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