Cannot transfer from Isle of Siptah PVE-C to Exiled Lands PVE-C private servers

Series X
Uploaded character from Isle of Siptah, and it says cannot import character on bottom button at character creation screen. When pressed, I get an error message that says “Character transfer is not allowed on this server”.

  1. Successfully upload character from Isle of Siptah private PVE-C server
  2. Enter the private PVE-C target Exiled Lands servers’ create character screen
  3. Press “Cannot Import Character” button
  4. See error: “Character Transfer is not allowed on this server”
  5. (etc)

Setting may not be correct on the private server. I believe the default position on server setting is negative to transfers.

It’s my server. Is this toggle in the advanced settings only accessed while server is shut down?

Thanks for the help!

Do you own, or know the owner of, the private server you are trying to transfer to? I ask because not all private servers allow transfers, it is a function that can be turned off. If you do own it, or know the owner, I would recommend verifying that transfers are enabled, if not, try another server. I would guess there aren’t a lot of private servers that allow transfers due to past reports of people cheating. That is just a guess though. Happy hunting.

Yeah, I own. Did not realize I had to turn it “on”. Thanks again for the help!

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