Can't capture T4 exiles anymore at Sanswept Ruins

Game mode: [ Online private PC]
Type of issue: [Misc]
Server type : [PvE-Conflict]
Region: [US]

[Since latest patch update in December…Only a single NPC spawns (instead of double) at Exiles Camp near Sandswept Ruins

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Log in to server
  2. Spawn camp the Exiles camp north of Sandswept Ruins: 193066.96875 187376.703125 -10648.345703
  3. Kill NPC Exile - wait for respawn - Kill next spawned NPC Exile - repeat…
  4. Server used to ALWAYS spawn two exiles - now there is only one exile and NO T4’s!

Did anyone else experience this or know about this? Is this a known change?

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So Online private means shared with other players? If so then, it is possible the other spawn has been trolled, on purpose or accidentally, out of the area. It will take a reset of server to get it home. Which spawn is there…the fighter/archer or the artisans one. I have not seen a T4 fighter/archer there, but have recently gotten an armorer named there. I am on official PVP PS4.

If it is single player, do you have mods. if so, one of the mods may be affecting the spawn table. Or
lastly, if something is built too close, the spawn will not come back until the structure is gone.

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On the official PvE server I’ve been to that location two or three times since the latest patch and your report … I’ve seen two npc each time - one a fighter class and the other a random crafter or dancer … not named but I put that down to random spawn chance as I’ve never seen a named there myself.
Sometimes one of the thralls wanders off the stone platform where the campfire is … once I found the fighter all the way down the path near where a panther spawns …

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Hey there,

Has the server you’re playing on any mods installed?
On the other hand, we’ve rolled a few fixes regarding thrall spawns in our testlive patch, you can check the notes here:

In particular:

Various issues with certain (Rare) thralls not spawning has been addressed

Thanks for your feedback!

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Thanks, I do use Pippi mod, Pickup+, and an elevator mod. I will be on the lookout for changes. Thanks for responding, everyone.

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After 2 months of afk camping, that’s where I found my first Grrr Legbiter.
I watched with a tear in my eye as he walked in and got munched by the panthers.


he saw 4 legs, and…Grrrrrrrrrrrrr…had to have a bite :slight_smile:

Well, I used to get 2 spawns every 10-15 minutes…and on many occasions I got a various T4 spawn that I would put directly on my wheel - even with my structures up there.

Without any changes to my structures, the spawn changed to one exile and NO T4’s.

It could be my mod though…

There’s an exile camp near the Dregs that’s surrounded by ~6 or 7 crocs… (really Funcom? is that really needed, poor Exiles! :grin: ) I once found a named thrall wandering there, but I made the mistake of getting too close so all the crocs AI activated and instantly obliterated them before I could reach to help :cry:

Morale of that is never get too close to that camp without your bow and first killing all the crocs before they activate, just in case there’s a named thrall spawned in there! :slight_smile:


You said that you haven’t changed your structures … but what about anyone else building around the same area that might have affected the spawn point of one of the NPCs.

A clan on our server once had a substantial building up there that had a pathway along the outside of the cliffs from where the panthers spawned to the rock platform with the bonfire where the two npc spawn … the crafter continued to spawn but the fighter did not (neither did the panthers).
Once that clan stopped playing and their base disappeared both the fighter and panthers respawned again.

In help, i assume room (chest) and board (honey) were to be given :slight_smile:


Something like that, yes :angel: The head pain it’s just temporary… and it’ll subside eventually :stuck_out_tongue:


Just trying to help them forget their miserable past life with a nice club to the head :slight_smile:


Can’t miss what you don’t remember :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input @Kwalya. But, no, I own that whole area. I’m beginning to think it has to do with a mod. I have captured a lot of T4’s there and give them away to players who stumble into our server.

I know removing mods from a server to see which it is can be detrimental to players buildings
if it’s important to discover what mod it is are you able to start a single player game with the same mod set up and methodically test which one or combinations of mods is causing the problem?


Excellent suggestion! Thx

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