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Hi there, and sorry if my english is Not so very good.
While playing in online, there spawns a named T4 thrall, on noob river, fighting against the kappa’s.
But in Singleplayer he never spawns.
My Base is far away enough from this point, so is there any different Server settings i have to change?
Thanks a Lot guys :slight_smile:

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Typically the thralls there wander around. They’ll kill something/chase something and wander around a bit.

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Here is the wiki where more info can be found

Various T4 Fighter spawns along the southern river like:


Sure, but i didn’t found him in whole area.
In online he appears every 10-15 minutes at same point (random male/female).

Hey @MarkSawyer

Welcome to our community and don’t worry about your English, it’s good :slight_smile:
Regarding the wanderers, since the way single player and online servers work is different, it is possible that in your single player game they have gone to somewhere far from their initial path. On official servers, they are reset every time the server restarts, so if they get stranded they will always fall back to their original spawn. On single player, that is not happening.
We would recommend leaving the area and exploring other places, then coming back to the river again and see if they spawn again.

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Thanks, i will try it later :slight_smile:

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