Can't climb down platforms while in combat!

I’ve been enjoying the game so far but I’ve had a really annoying bug that makes my mutants unable of climbing down platforms, a ladder for example, while in combat. It says that the target location is too far away right below when im at the very top of the ladder. Please fix this as I can’t take advantage of good strategical positions while this problem persists!

Hello @NorcastZ, welcome to the forums!

Do you recall how did this issue first occur?
Did it linger after that, even if the game is restarted or a save loaded?
Are you still able to climb out of combat?
Would it be possible to share a video or screenshot of the issue?

Which platform are you playing on and, if it’s on the PC, through which digital storefront?

I think what you’re missing is that you have to lower or heighten your cursor when you wanna climb down or up.
Hope this helps.

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