Jumping down / Moving up during combat high places not working

How does one jump down from high place during combat mode, non of the move selections allow for that to happen ?? Enemies seem to be able to climb up or down during combate, but players no, even those with skill for high place moving dont work. Also when using puppeteer skill, the controlled mob same deal cant jump down, and makes for unable to target for characters and controlled mobs to do anything if used. Cant climb up or down to shoot anything on ground level different. stuck high up till combat is over win or lose while all the enemies run free, since cant jump down to get them, or wait forever for them to find/ climb up to get me.

Can you please fix the move targeting to work for climbing up/down please so basic combat functionality will work. Have chars with high ground choices aka alpinist, but cant climb up during combat if move to a place near for that ??

I got you dude, I was stuck on this too. So when in combat you have to use your mouse wheel to change levels. If you’re on the second story it wont let you go down to the base level unless you scroll down first, and same with climbing up, you have to scroll wheel up then you can select a tile to move to.

Any idea how it’s done with a controller?

Edit: Found the solution: you need to press Up on the D-Pad.