General feedback

Here is some general feedback and bug reports:

At “the fallen angel” i walked up with dux on the mountain to get high ground, I entered combat mode and fell through the mountain, and was stuck “inside” the mountian - with no ability to do any actions. Only way was to restart.

At “the fallen angel” i came close to one of the ghouls who patrolled the area alone, entered combat mode and when i “tabed” around to pick the enemy to fight against - the closed one, and the one i would like to fight, didnt show up.

At the last stage (dont remember the name, the part with brother bodin) my mouse suddenly froze. And the strange part is the mouse was even frozen outside the game. I restated the computer and saw there was a update for the game, maybe that was some kind of reason why this happened?

I feel it very strange strange not to be able to throw grenades when you have high ground? Is this suppose to be that way?

Also, maybe i missed something, but there is no way to go down from a high ground when entered a combat mode?

In the same topic as above, there were no way to climb up to a higher ground when in combat mode? That also disabled me from heal my downed friends.

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This is definitely possible, but you have to “switch” between the two “planes” when moving or throwing grenades. If you’re using a controller you have to use up/down on the D-pad. With mouse and keyboard you scroll with the mouse wheel :slight_smile: