Can't Complete the Adventurer and Dungeon Delver paths in the new Journey Step system

New Journey Step system won’t complete certain steps. I have completed many, if not most of the journey “vocations”. But some of them seem bugged or glitchy. For example, the Dungeon Delver will not allow me to complete the “Explore the Well of Skelos” step, even though I have completely cleared the dungeon, killed the final boss, looted the final boss, and clicked on the recipe stones. This seems like a bug to me. Similarly, the “Adventurer” journey will not let me “Find the Library of Esoteric Knowledge” even though I’m standing in front of it, clicking on, trading in Fragments of Power at it, and so on. And yes, in each case, I did have the relevant journey actively set at the time. So now both of those journey are halted because I can’t proceed. I have turned in multiple fragments of power at the Archives, with that journey path activated, and it still thinks I haven’t found the library in the first place.

Any suggestions for how to proceed? What am I missing? Is this a bug? Or am I missing something obvious?

It is sort of a bug. The issue is that discovery locations require you to be within a certain distance of the set coordinates for an extended period of time. In many cases, this means you can easily run past them before they trigger.

In the future, I intend to add exact locations of every discovery journey step to the wiki, but it will take time, as the new journey system is quite extensive and I am still in the process of just adding the basic information for each step.

Until then, all I can recommend is to enter the location areas slowly so that you will be within range of the trigger long enough. All of the discoveries are somewhere near the entrances, not deep inside (the deepest-in one being the Wine Cellar, where the trigger is located at the hole in the wall inside the cellar).

I’m working on Dungeon Delver currently and I was able to get past the Well of Skelos part. We first climbed to the top of the Well of Skelos and learned from the stele there. We then jumped into the well and killed the boss at the end and learned from that stele. That completed the Well of Skelos part for Dungeon Delver. I don’t know if climbing to the top at first was necessary but we did it anyway.

I went back through Skelos again, and when the final boss rose from the throne this time my follower cut him down before his usual self-destruction. And this time, for some reason, the journey step completed for Dungeon Delver. I’ve yet to try going slower into the Archives to see if the journey step for finding the library activates in a different spot. But I will go test that out soon. Thanks for the suggestions.

I went back to the Archives and walked into the front door/gate much more slowly this time, and it did complete the “Find the Library of Esoteric Knowledge” step for me this time. I guess I just ran into the Archive too fast the first time, and went past the precise coordinates that you need to be standing upon at the entrance.

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