Cant connect to any public server

Well as the tittle says i cannot connect to a public server and I dont know why, I was playing in one in specifical for several hours then at some point I died ( for the first time ) and when the spawn timer showed up I selected my bedroll but when the time reached 0 it didnt spawn , waited for almost 30 min and nothing. Exit the game and logged in the same server but it couldnt connect to that or any other server, just a eternal loading screen. I dont know what to do

Hi there,

We are having several issues with our servers at this time. What server are attempting to join? Please provide the full name and number of the server and we will be able to check it out to see if there are any internal issues with the server.

PVE 2726, 2727, 2728, 2729… so far

1999, 1998, 1997, 1996, 1986, 1976 have a eternal loading screen too

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the server is1976!!

Please, we need to play!!!

@alishaie It seems like all of those servers should be up and running correctly. Can you please to join them again? If you still cannot connect, please email in at and our tech specialists can assist you further.

@Baalzaack These servers have been having a ton of issues lately. We are working diligently to get them up and running again. I am sorry but I don’t have any other information on the status of these servers.

the same servers, ive been playin in the 1998, but still cannot connect since the first time the problem showed up

Still having the problem. I drop every 10 seconds. I left an email

Same here. Server 1038

Same here, official 1999 pvp, cant conect, eternal loading.

after 50 mins on server load screen, logged, but I died and cant respawn, stay on dead screen.

Please fix SA servers even if wipe them is needed is better start everything again than keep us waiting without any information

servers are still VERY SLOW to log in… please?

I cannot connect to any server, when I enter to one of them, the game kick me back to the start menu

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