(PC) Official Server PVE #1976 People Unable to Enter

Game mode: Official PVE Server 1976
Problem: Bug

There is only 30 people on the server, the last 10 spots seems unavailable, there are people trying to enter it for more than an hour now. The server went down a few hours ago, then this problem started when it got back online.

Repro steps:

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for chist sake, could someone at funcom try to restart that server to see if we can play ?

out of 80 slots FOR ALL SOUTH AMERICA pve players, 40 are out of order …

One more here without being able to log into #1976.

it stays forever on the loading screen

Me and all my friend can`t enter #1986 either

We are unable to join 1996 too :confused:

Several hours passed and no sign of improvement

Have just tried connecting (07:00 GMT). Game connects then gets stuck in a infinite loading screen. We already have much fewer servers than the rest of the world and now, one of them is bugged. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Any word from the devs on this case ?

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Problems happens,what make me pissed is the fact that devs dont say a word about it.Just random general responses

HI Funcom, I tryed login in the 1976 last night and this morning with no sucess… Hope you can see and answer to ppl in the South America, we are a big and potential market to sell your stuff… Consider that, fix the server and be more nice with us.

So… At least 16 hours and they still cant botter to try to fix SA servers that are not working (2 out of 6 servers not working), guess SA players really dont matter :frowning:

We are aware of issues with the South America servers. GPORTAL has been notified and have been investigating the matter since reports came in yesterday. I am sorry for this extended downtime!

We need some info about the servers @AndyB since yesterday 11am BRT they are malfunctioning,either offline or infinity loading screen + infinity respawn timer.Please,give us more precise info,what happened?

Just to update the info: the server 1976 IS online, but people can’t join it. They join and stay in loading screen forever. I believe the server needs to be restarted.

16:05 BRT, no changes to the problem. Any news or at least any predictions ?

19:09 BRT, still no solution, will we have the server back or not?

Great release, funcom

@AndyB Soooo… any ETA for a fix? what did G-portal said to you guys ? We would really apreciate any information besides “we are looking into it”, mostly because it’s been around 32 hours since we are not able to play, i know you have your plate full at the moment, it’s been a messy release (reminds me of diablo 3 release), but we here in SA love the game, we want to play (and have at least one PVE-C server), and since 3 out of the total 6 servers are not working for more than a day, we are getting frustrated.

Nothing yet, server dont work

That’s it then? Should we all refund ?

So,devs we need updates about the situation please,give us some info