SA #1976 no conect a four days

Game mode: Official #1976
Problem: Bug

Unable to connect a server #1976 for many days (05/09/18), don’t exit the loading screen, i’m waiting for 1hour and no connect the server, SA dont have many servers PVE, please Fix !!!

I cannot connect either to any server at all, all of my friends from SA have the same Issue, but they seem to be or poorly interested in solving it, or very bad at it.


Sorry to hear that you’ve been having trouble connecting to Official Server #1976 for South America.

I can confirm that we’re aware of and investigating this issue with gportal, but we don’t yet have an estimate on when a permanent fix will be available, I’m sorry. Please keep an eye out for announcements in the coming days.

For now, you may wish to try either connecting to a different official server or utilizing a private server instead. Your patience and understanding in this matter is appreciated.

When are you going to have a position on this problem anyway? I want to play, I can not because always the server is full (ridiculous put limit of 40 players) and if I try to create character in another, it is in infinite loop and not loga.

Well, the problem is: there is no server in SA working properly, private or official, unfortunatelly. There are more threads about this by the way. May players can’t just play an enjoyable online experience. :confused:

the worst is we can’t even play online because 6/9 Sa servers aren’t working and Na servers restriction ping is 140 and I have 170-190 so f#ck me. i was planning play with some mexicans friends when the game get realeased but they can not join Sa and I can not join Na and just two no ping servers…

I had created a character in # 1995, but this is always crowded … I am 3 days trying to create in another, but I can not leave the screen that remains after selecting the server, does not appear the character creation … I think they are wanting to limit is the creation of characters only a server … will they have done this to restrict? If so, it will be the worst thing they’ve done. I’ll see how I can be reimbursed. I did not buy a multiplayer game to be restricted to a single character and a single full server, where I can not choose another.

This server is not very good #1976, is there a possibility that at least one other PVE server will be placed for SA nodes? I believe that this would at least already help us since we have nowhere to play, unless you want to play pvp, the other pve server is always in the 40/40 limit. I and many others are not able to play for this, please give us more options to play, 2 servers pve for the entire latin amreica ??? and one of it does not work ???

I ask you to look at us as consumers who believed in the project, many like me from the beginning playing and testing and now in the launcher we can not see the result due to lack of servers, problems in them and the ping lock that does not let us play in American servers for example.

Please do something quick.

same here can’t play fix fast

Same here, can’t connect, get infinite loading screen even in the other PVE SA server.

Funcom don’t give a sh** to SA players, i wish to play too, but nothing until now

Yeah… And It is Impossible to play on Namerican servers cuz the lag is horrible… Lag Spikes when you kill an enemy … And there are no private South American servers on PS4… There are 3 official and you cant login in any of them… Cuz you get stuck on the loading screen

I’ve been trying to get in 1976 since 05/18, I don’t want to create another char, I want to play with my char already created. Fix that f*** problem, please!

1985 is not working as well! We cannot connect!
Sometimes it doesnt even show on the list!

and our PVE servers are off-line again…thx for the c*** service Funcom!