I can't connect to the server #1977 PvE - Conflict, loading forever

I cant connect in server #1977, loading forever D:


no funciona el server?

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Greetings @China1 and welcome to our forums!

Does this happen only on server 1977? Are you able to connect to any other server or does the same thing happen?

It only happens on server 1977, the others enter normally.


in the morning a friend managed to connect, but now it’s happening again

same issue here, just opened a bug report, may the adm want to merge them

i have the same problem, i try all the methods in the web

you woudl consider to restart the server one more time a day, since it seens to be a partion full problem on server side.

still cant joint the server day 3

this has been happening since August of this year. It was come the expansion of magic that this happened. Nobody solved it.

Recomento todos reportarem no Zendesk da Funcom: https://funcom.zendesk.com/hc/en-us Em Submit a report selecionem Official Server Performance (downtime, connection issues, etc.) e prencham dos dados. Acho que quanto mais solicitações mais rápido devem resolver o problema.

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agora num da pra entrar em nenhum horário mesmo depois de reiniciar o server continua inacessível.

Hello everyone!

Thank you for reporting this issue to us and for everyone’s insights!

Server issues have to be dealt with by our team in the Help Centre as it was mentioned before. If you could please write your report here: https://funcom.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new :smile:

We appreciate your patience in this matter.

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Oh man tanks for the reply, but everyone on the server already wrote a ticket and the problem still persists for 4 days now, and now the server is completely unjoinable, even just after the restart, whe have just one player on the server now thar is probally stuck on the loading screen trying to join


Thank you for explaining the situation to me.

I understand this is quite frustrating, but I poked my colleagues on Zendesk and it seems the issue is currently being investigated!

We really appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.


Thanks, friend hope it could be figured out soon

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You partener from zendesk dont give us any clarity about what is going on, at least in my case they just close the ticket as solved without any answer, im not able to upload imgs but if we found any other way i could show the 2 tickets they closed as solved (NÂş #86205 & #86187)

Also in my case only happens on sv 1977(from 3 days ago too) in the others everything go well

I hope for you that this is not the same like 2 years ago on playstation. It take more than one year to fix it.
You are only able to login the first minutes after server restart to refresh timers. But be careful with this never ending loading screen. While you are at loading screen you can die because of thirst or hunger. That happens to me.

Here you can see it the history of this

The response of funcom sounds to me like it’s a new problem and they don’t know anything about it. So I think that they also don’t know the solution.

My tip: go to another server if you want to play. Best you go to another mode not pvec. It seems to me that this only happen to pvec

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