(PC) Official Server PVE #1976 People Unable to Enter

Dear CM, do you have any news for us???

It’s been two days since the server has this problem.

There are still some ongoing issues with the Brazilian servers. We’re sorry about the inconvenience this causes for everyone.

Ratto do Lotro?

Thanks Jens_Erik, any ETA?

Yes, its me rattori from lotro

Hi Jens_Erik do you guys have any forecast when the problem is fixed because we have just 2 pve servers with 40 slots any and much more ppl trying to play and with the problem in the 1976 we have jus one crowd server with a infinite queue… ty

kkkkkk ahh muleque, vc tinha um anão se não me engano… jogamos bastante juntos… me add na steam ai. nick Fiberfly

no jogo eu era um ranger com nick de Thearcher, meu filho jogava também, tinha um anão guardian com nick de Rayesley

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Jens_Erik, could you be a little more specific? “We’re looking to a fix” is not a very reassuring answer. I know you guys are doing what you can, but we, as players and customers deserve a little more consideration than a default answer.

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Still waiting…

So, what the approach? keep servers “up” on the list and let everybody waste time trying to log in? Only players who enter the server for the first time are able to enter.

As said before the server are showing as online , but when you join you get a infinite loading screen.

2 PvE servers… one full other with the endless loading…

Shame on your house funcom shameeeeeeeeee.

You guys really should ask your legal dep. review g-portal SLA, cause this launch fiasco its pretty much theirs to bear.

continua o load infinito no server 1976