Sever LATAM #1976 PC-PvE unnable to connect

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Latin America

Spent two days trying to connect to the server, It says my ping is higher than the maximum allowed, and every day the server gets 1020MS when reaches 30/40 players, every day, over and over again. Please do something, no one can handle situation anymore.

  1. Trying to connect to the server
  2. It says, Your ping is Higher than the maximum allowed
  3. Thats all

Greetings: Lately the server has been showing instability, with a higher number there are 30 people connected at the same time. With long crashes and also with server crashes. Nowadays the ping is too much something for our gating preventing it from connecting to the server. The game is great, if you can solve this problem or install a server of your own in South America, I believe that the number of players will grow. Thank you very much!
If they can by active adminstrals would be very welcome …


Unfortunatly I have the same problem here! We are playing on Official server #1976 PvE - g-portalus. Got the message “Can’t join server”. The server are with 7/40 players on, with 254MS! So its isnt impossible to connect. We have trouble with this server, that started 2 weeks ago.
Every night we got 1020MS. I’m wainting patiently for a solution! I hope that the developers take care of it!
We are a big community that belive on this game so fix it! :neutral_face:


Sorry about the problems, guys.

I know it’s a weekend, but have you reported the issue to G-Portal?

This gets you to the report form, but it is a holiday weekend in the US.

Good luck !



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I’m having the same problem, I don’t log in because the ping is too high on Oficial Server #1976 PvE - g-portallus. I’m afraid I might lose my constructions since I can only play on weekends in most of the cases. As I said the sevrer has been experiencing problems for some time so please could somebody help us?

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Funcom needs to do something about this server. Every peak time it freezes and the ping goes too high, the server can’t support more than 30 players.

I’ve already reported it but no response so far.

Few days ago the server was full of playes, now it is just empty…

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