Cant join server 1977 LATAM, stuck in loading other server works fine

**Game mode: Online official
*Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: Server 1977 LATAM

Mods?: No

Bug Description:

Cant join this server, got disconnected when server reached 9999 ping and could not log in back, stuck on loading screen forever, now its pvp time and my stuff will be probally looted. I can join other servers.

Expected Behavior:

Join the server and play

Installed Mods:

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Steps to Reproduce:

try to join server 1977


Hey man, I’m having the same problem today on the same server, I’m stuck at the loading forever, I’ve tried on my PC and on my friend’s as well and didn’t work

The purge horn! I will recieve a purge stuck on load screen, wtfll!

Same problem here.

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Use Zendesk to report official server problems:


Hello posted here because it is related with 2 june patch issues. Already reported on requests too. Thanks. Best luck of us.

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Same issue on server LATAM #1976! Unable to join since today.

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LATAM servers are a pain to play on

Hello everyone,

The servers should be accessible now but if you are still experiencing issues, please feel free to get back to us and let us know.