Official server #1977 cannot logon anymore - high ping

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Type of issue: [Enter one of the following: Performance / PING high]
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Region: [LATAM] #1977

I am Brazilian and I live in London now.

During the last free 3 days, I and my Brazilian friends enjoy and played Conan a lot. After these days we bought and we played on server #1977.

Now the #1977 server has a ping more than 200ms for me and I do not know why the game access to server needs to go to the USA first to reached to LATAM. This path increases my ping and I am unable to play with friends anymore.

There is a solution to this issue? If the server changes the max ping to 250ms I believe I can play again with my friends.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. When I will select the #1977 server from London the ping is over 200ms
  2. I restart the client many times and I cannot log in
  3. Maybe increase the MAX ping to 250ms
  4. IP server -
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Fala campeão!

Tente utilizar o WTFast ou o Exitlag para ver se seu ping fica menor que 200ms.


Hey champ!

Try to use WTFast or Exitlag software to solve your issue, maybe your ms will be lower than 200ms.



After the Region / Latency lock in 2017/18 , most official servers wont allow player more that 140 ms to join them. I have the same issue. I’m currently playing from South Africa and like most games we have to play on EU if we want to join the international games. If they increase the Max Ping to at least 250 ms will resolve most issues for players to connect to international servers but it might undo all the work they have put it to prevent this

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Thanks man, I will try.
Valeu truta, vou testar em casa.

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Both do not work, the ping is the same inside the software and outside.
I do not know to fix it, maybe I need to talk with my ISP provider because of the ■■■■■■ don’t answer me.

I will change the server, the F U N C O N cannot answer my wish

What you’re saying is you’re now playing on a South American server from London? And you want to route your traffic to avoid hops to the US? Can you tell me whether you’re entering the US in Virginia?

Hey there,

There are no plans to increase the ping limit, but we have some servers labelled as no ping in which it is possible to log in no matter your latency.

servers no ping restarted every time and has to many people, I need to play back with my friends on Latam #1977 :frowning:

Sounds like ping limit is working as intended. Find another server that’s geographically closer to you to play on while you’re in London. When you play on servers with high ping you actually ruin the game play quality for yourself and others. No one wants to deal with players teleporting around and lagging. You can also try the no ping servers but you’ll quickly see what I mean lol.

Thanks for the tip -I will play far for my friends