Can't exit Mausoleum of Suburbia

Hi, I recently started the SoE expansion but seem to be stuck by a bug very early on. I have met the Elder and returned to the Ark then begun the quest ‘Locate Renegade Goran’. I went to Mausoleum of Suburbia and now I can’t exit… there are no quest markers at all when I press Q and the little green exit marker is missing from the entrance I came in from - if I try going that way things get very weird… end up under the landscape running through a seemingly infinite cloud before suddenly appearing back on the map. Have tried reloading, restarting and verifying local Steam files all with no success. Any thoughts? Don’t really want to have to restart. Thanks.

Playing from Steam download on a PC (Windows 10) with 16 GB RAM, Intel i5 and a GeForce GTX 1070Ti GPU in case that’s relevant.

PS - the combat animations freeze everyone I use ‘twitch shot’ or ‘gunslinger’ too - doesn’t crash the game but not very nice looking!

Hello @tom1, welcome to the forums and thank you for sharing such detailed information!

Do you happen to have an older save to revert to, prior to entering that area? Would it be possible to share the afflicted save through DM?

We’ll forward the issue to the developers so that they can look into it.

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As an update to this issue, we’ve received confirmation that this is actually expected behavior as the area is land-locked, so it will be possible for player to fast-travel to and from this area.