Cant find my server? Official 1116 PvP

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Cant find my server on the serverlist

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Please fix this ASAP

Yes, hello, are you THERE?=

my 1.5y base will DECAY if you dont fix this…

Battlemetrics may not show your server due to the way it polls servers they may not respond due to the patch.

To find your server, go to the server selection screen ingame and sort by level, on the right. Only hit it once, and your server should popup.



I am only getting 5 servers to choose, none are mine and I can not direct connect either

Same here. I’m trying to find my server (1090), and no matter how many times I refresh, there are only 5-6 servers in the list.

official server list doesnt seem to be fully populating for me, it loads 20 then just hangs and endlessly loads

Edit: Finished loading servers are still 20/31 highest pop server 12 people.

It’s not one thing after another with these guys…it’s the same damned thing over and over again.

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neither offi 1932 31, most of server official don’t appear, and now that battlemtric has been broke by new update… after win 7 not working, character reset, base decay … ? what happens to funcom to release such update that mess all ?

this is sad kicked then ping 9999 and then server gone…cant this game run 1 day with no probs anymoore? Every day some new gamestopping bugs…enough test your patches before make em live…

I think I’m going to start refering to them as SuchFunCom

I’m having the same issue now, after playing and streaming this morning with no problems, the server is simply gone and would not show up, even on direct connect. #xxxx.

The servers I can see are all showing pings from 150ish up to 9999, wth is going now?

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