My server is not showing up in the server browser

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: EU
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

My server periodically disappears from the ingame server list. This happens every now and then and it’s frustrating since nobody can find my server while this bug is happening. It seems to affect every player for a certain amount of time, almost every day since the latest patch. I can’t even find it by searching, and I know the server is up since I can direct connect to it. I think this happens to some other servers as well, but I’m not sure. My server is hosted by G-portal, but they claim the fault is not theirs.

[EU] Gods of the North x2/x10 PVP [Wipe 11/11]
Connect: steam://connect/

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Start the game
  2. Click “play online”
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My server and neither any other private server at all are not appearing in the client’s browser. I see only official servers.

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: 1 PvP and 2 PVE
Region: NA
Mods?: Yes
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

All 3 of my servers are intermittently not showing up on the server browser. This is detrimental to our servers ability to get new players. This issue started about 2-3 days ago? Not sure exactly. Al 3 servers are on separate boxes and in different locations in the U.S. So I am pretty sure this is Funcom side and is not due to our server provider.

Server Names:

Sanctum of Cthulhu [18+/4x/EEWA/AOC/lvl300]

Sanctum of Cthulhu Savage PVP AOC/EEWA/lvl300

Sanctum of Cthulhu - Savage Wilds AOC/EEWA/300

All hosted by GTX

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Yep, this one has been creeping up slowly. Started on my server yesterday sometime. Direct Connect still worked fine and some players even reported they just kept refreshing the screen until it appeared.

Vehement RP is also intermittently having this issue. Sometimes it does and other times it does not.

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: 1 PvE
Region: NA
Mods?: Yes
Edition: Steam
Host: Reliant

Server Name: Vehement RP (18+)
Steam Direct Connect: steam://connect/
Server Direct Connect:
Mod Collection: Steam Workshop::A Vehement Server Collection 2021

Same issue for my server as well.

If I click on ping some private servers show up while the list scrolls fast - but my server does not shows up consistently but just sometimes.

Land of the Gods cluster are also having these issues with servers not showing intermittently on the browser lists:

Outcast Exiles – Land of the Gods EEWA/AOC/300/Riverboats
Exiled Lands

Siptah - Outcast Exiles - Land of the Gods EEWA/AOC/300/Riverboats
Isle of Siptah

SW - Outcast Exiles - Land of the Gods EEWA/AOC/300/Riverboats
Savage Wilds

UW - Outcast Exiles - Land of the Gods EEWA/AOC/300/Riverboats

Bonjour tout le monde
Les Vétérans qui possèdent 5 serveurs actifs ont aussi ce problème
Il apparait assez souvent après le reboot serveur mais pas que, c’est assez gênant car lorsque le serveur n’est pas visible dans la liste il n’est pas non plus accessible en connexion directe
Une piste de Funcom sur ce nouveau bug?

same issue here,randomly,asia

had this a couple of times on a private server not showing on list i just alt-f4 and reboot and it seems to show up

This happens to my server randomly once every week, no one is sure exactly why it seems. I have been asking about this for weeks, usually its an issue with the port when this occurs but something else is doing this.

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: EU
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam
Host: GPortal

This issue has created a great deal of problems on our private server tonight, it was unplayable with my partner disconnecting every few minutes.

Server was also not showing on the list or showing with completely wrong information and several attempts to log in gave us an invalid password message. To add to this, we also had several ‘fatal error’ messages.

any fixes or reply?

Hi @arr4y

Issue has been passed over to the rest of the team for further investigation.

We will update this thread once we know more. Thank you for your patience.


Glad to hear that,thanks for your reply!

Same here. I run 2 US non modded servers, Exiled Lands & Siptah none of which stopped showing up in the game server browser as of this mornings patch/update 11-16-2021. Even players that had them as “Favorite” can’t find them. I have run these servers for about 3+ years and have never had this issue. My frequent player base on these servers are pulling their hair out! Please help!!! :flushed:


Ours come and go from the in game browser as well. Even if favourited.

Fingerfang Siptah
Fingerfang Exiled Lands
Fingerfang Savage Wilds

My servers come and go from the directory too, and sometimes the directory only shows a couple servers instead of the usual long listing.

My servers (I run two using “multihome”) both reported errors of:
App state is 0x2 after update job

I backed up my “Saved” folder, deleted the files, ran the updater and it installed from scratch, then put back my Saved files. Both servers start up OK, but the 2nd doesn’t ever show in the listing, and the first comes and goes at time.

The servers are: “Rise of the Exiles (Afterlife)” and “Rise of the Castaways (Afterlife)”

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Funny thing… Still no mention or description on today’s Nov 16th 2021 patch/update that messed servers showing up. Hmmm…