Where is my server?

Hey Guys…hey Funcom…
since yesterday my server 1111 is away…it means…he is not in the server list…and other server of my favorite are away too…in steam it shows not the server number 1111 only the long server number and it stands not online…we had many problems with crashes all the time last weeks but the server was 1 or 2 hours later online to play…but in my serverlist i see only 18 from 200 EU server! I make new install of the game but the same…the server is away and only 25 EU server i can see…who can help please…sorry for my bad english
und auf Deutsch
mein Server 1111 auf dem ich zocke ist seit gestern aus der Serverliste verschwunden…wenn die Serverliste durchgelaufen ist sehe ich nur 25 Server…meiner und meine Favoriten Server sind verschwunden…weiss jemand woran das liegt? ich habe über Steam versucht den Server zu starten aber dort steht er als nicht online und es steht auch nur die lange Servernummer dort…direkt einwahl geht auch nicht…ich habe bereits das game neu installiert trotzdem taucht mein server und die anderen nicht mehr auf…er finden 18 von 200 Eu servern :((( ich weiss nciht mehr weiter…also wir hatten ja oft dort probleme mit chrashes aber nach 1 Stunde war der server immer wieder da…wer kann helfen…Danke schon mal

Not sure how to help you with your problem but the server is available for me. Make sure you dont have any filters activated:

@Oktavia65, presuming there are not some other problems, servers not showing on your list could be mostly due to 2 reasons:

  1. your client not same version as server (which should not be the case since you said you reinstalled the game and had same problems)

  2. you have too high ping. Since you say you only see few of EU servers available, this could be the source of your problem

causing high ping:

  • your router could be at fault (try resetting it)
  • there could be a problem with your ISP (internet service provider). Check if there are problems on their side, maybe even cables. (use one of several speed test sites to see if your connection is as fast as it should be)
  • a software (or more of them) could be filling your line (lots of network/internet) traffic, so Conan does not get enough transfer.
  • same as above, for other computers on your (home) network
  • Also possible you could have a virus/maleware at work here (same result with “too much traffic”) - check your antivirus/firewall settings and rescan computer.

Above suggested options are only few that come to mind. The reason for the “high ping” problem seems very probable to me because (as above stated) you only see few of many EU servers.

To try solving the problem check (literally every detail) of what has changed around you since you started experiencing this:

  • new devices (another computer or TV)
  • new (changed) software
  • maybe a storm that could damage either your device(s) or an nearby (ISP) hub

(again only few suggestions that come to mind)

If you will, please report back with results or solutions :grinning:

thanks for your answer…can everyone translate in german? my english is not good and i dont understand all…

that is not the Problem…i try it all…

What is the ping of (official) servers that you see?

Are your filters set correctly as @Narelle suggested?

Could you post a screenshot of your server list?

Another thing to consider:
Did you set any mods few days ago? And put it on “Selected mods” (right column).
If so, you would only see servers that have those exact mods placed (unless you changed some parameters in filters on server list).

Hello Meo
the pings are from 50 to 112
what means filters set correctly?
i made a screenshot but dont know how to load it up

yes me and my man hat mods…we had a private server to play but before last friday the sytems runs when i start the serverlist…only the starting procedure was doing two starts…but that what before last friday not a problem…
on my left side of server mods list in the column list is empty…only left side are 4 mods standing…the other i have delete…my man hat on his PC the mods and he dont have delete…but when this was the problem…why we play 4 week with this mods and now it doesnt works?

in my steam list the server is offline…yesterday a friend of this server became my steam password to look if the server is there…and on his server he see the server…he show me screenshot…

that was all i see…

your filters look good. can you try removing the player vs player filter and only load official + EU?

NO i had pc expert here in the evening…we make new start and system new start…but the problem is the same

that looks not good…the list you see show only 18 from 270 server…where are the other…??? i playes there many hours…why can i not see the list since 6 days…why can other guys see the list and play? i am not banned…we delete old ip adressen and make new ip adress with fritz box…we make 3 new install and other what can do…but the problem is the same…

One observation: All servers that you see have ping around 100ms or more.
Restriction for (most I think) official servers is 140ms.

Also as I see most of the the server that you see are in the range of 13xx and 12xx.

I am sure someone with more knowledge than me can place those numbers geographically.

Also, for some reason, even with “servername” filter to “1111” it takes quite some time for this server to show on my list.

Try typing “111” to "servername and wait (even few minutes) - see video below

Also a strange thing after letting the filtered search run for about 5min (I never let it run this long before)
@Hugo, @Ignasis, is it normal that same server would show up 2x on the list with different ping? (see screenshot below)

It happens from time to time but it’s just a visual issue. :slight_smile:

I just noticed this :slight_smile:

and this

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