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i am very desperate because since 5 days my server 1111 and other of official server i cannot see in serverlist…can you please tell me why my gaming friend can see this server at his lerverlist and i not? is my pc broken or what? on steam “server” the server is not online! i see only 18 from 270 official…please give me a little information…

Hey @Oktavia65

Have you tried following some of the workarounds listed in this thread?

Please let us know if they don’t work for you.

PS: We’ve edited the thread title to better reflect this report :slight_smile:


thanks for information…the problem is my bad english…i dont understand not all of this…but in the serverlist of steam…i see the ip number of the server but there stand “server is not online”…i make a screenshot from my serverlist…this server i have the other are away since 5 days…i install thegame new 3 times…i reset my fritz box…i reinstall mods…i think i will clean my system and make it new…but before i do…my question…this problem is not a problem of the server crashes? and perhaps it will be ok after the fixes of you? when not i will make my system new…but its weird that my mans pc had the same problem!!! the pc take the same router…sorry for my very bad english…hope you understand all…

these server i see…the other not

Hey @Oktavia65

If you’re playing on official server only we’d recommend uninstalling all mods since they’re not allowed on official servers. Maybe one of them is messing with your serverlist somehow?
Also, this workaround we listed in the Technical problems thread seemed to help other players in a similar situation in the past:

1-) Run command prompt as administrator
2-) Run command “ipconfig /flushdns” (without quotes)
3-) Run command “netsh int ip reset” (without quotes)
4-) Restart your PC




hey guys from funcom.i dont know what should i do…i became in the morning tips from IGNASIS because in my serverlist only 18 EU Server from 270 listed…i have a pc expert and he make all what you wrote in the morning…but my PROBLEM is not away.3 new starts…system new start…delete all old adresses and so on…i had spend 5400 times in conan and at server 1111 about 800 hours…i wrote at the formular from Gportal 50 times and more that i have problems…why can i not connect the other server? is it broken? did they change the ip adressen or what is the problem…i pay 80 Euros for new install system…because i think it was my pc problem…i connect a laptop and install there conan…but the server still not there?..a friend of my 1111 server look with my steam accout (i gave hin password) and he say the server is there…BUT WHY CAN I NOT CONNECT SINCE 6 DAYS??? can you please tell a technical man of my problem…i have no problems with other because i play before hour at hour on this server…so that can not be a problem from my server…i feel not good with this no one help and thats what me make very angry…you say you will give me a gift for helping find Glitches…but i will no gift …I WILL MY SERVER BACK!!!

yes i can…but when i will connect it does not work…“server disconnect”

when i press the connect button than server “no answer” the same whow in the server list of steam…

why is the ip adress at the end other as when i click at the connect button? …28000 or 28015

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