The official server I play on won’t show in browser and more

This started last night I was getting several disconnects while others were having no issues… I would have to refresh the browser several times to get my server to show…today I can’t connect at all unless I do so through my phones mobile hotspot.I’ve reset my
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Hi @chrisepowers

I believe it would help if you stated which official server are you trying to reach.
Reports have been seen that people have problems connecting to certain servers.

Did you by chance notice if lately ping of that server increased lately?

Also did you try connecting to another official server, to see if you also have same problems there?

Also, you could try doing a speedtest to check if your internet speed is as it should be (if not, contact your ISP)

Last but not least: were there any updates on your computer just before the problems started (windows, drivers, AV…)

Hope some of that will point you towards solution.

Who is your internet service provider? What part of the world are you connecting from? And, as Meo asked: what server are you playing on?

Hey @chrisepowers

Additionally to what @Meo and @Cauthey suggested, have you tried to flush the DNS following the steps we mention in this thread:

found out its not just me …several players with same issue and on multiple servers…i did a ping plotter test and there is 100% packet loss at on point…the issue is not on my end. One of my clan mates has the exact same issue.

I have a private server, several people are unable to connect to it today.

Not sure if this is related or not.

One thing I find that helps, is to ensure that you favorite the server you are playing on. I will do this when I first go to login, the very first time. If I change my mind, I can always remove it from favorites.

Really, the way steam finds servers is not very robust. Apparently it searches from your PC for all servers (and this can be a very large number) and then when you do a search, it just searches in those that it found. If it hasn’t found it, then it can’t find it in a search. This process of finding every single server out there can take a very long time.

Steam should really fix this. They could be indexing the servers for each game and when you go to login they provide you with the list of indexed servers and not make your poor PC have to search for them all.

Chrise, I have found Pingplotter to be very reliable, even the free version. It will locate the IP where you have a 100% loss.

Could you post that IP if it continues? Normally the owners are fairly quick to correct something like that, especially if it is a good bit downstream from you, since that affects a larger number of people.

In addition, I would recommend you inform your ISP of the details by typing in “whois IPaddress” in any browser.

Good luck, and regards


@wildbill, good advice on the ‘favoriting’ thing, it really helps me. I have found that forces Steam to look for that IP first, then starts with the (rather poor) process you describe.

Agreed, Steam needs to maintain an index of servers, easy to do and quickly returns all servers. They would only need to poll every minute or so, then go into the search routine. It would certainly be beneficial to us.

Unfortunately, that index would have to be repeated for every online game in their rather extensive collection and they will probably not want to expend the resources.

Here’s hoping …



I’ve been experiencing the same problems for the last 60 hours on server 1822 (PvE-C).

  1. When logging in my server (and the vast majority of other official servers) doesn’t show up, even though I’m talking with people who are currently on the server at the time.

  2. If I go back to the menu screen and then re-enter I can sometimes get my server to show up.

  3. More often than not, when loading the game it’ll get hung up on loading screens and eventually I’ll get a pop-up saying that it couldn’t connect to the server.

  4. When I finally do get in the game, I don’t seem to have any lag issues until I get flat-out disconnected from the server. Fellow players are in the server the whole time I’m experiencing these issues.

  5. Once connected I can play 5 minutes, 15 minutes, even a couple hours before I get disconnected again, with no correlation to location or activity in the game.

  6. It can take half an hour to an hour to connect to the server.

I have validated my files. My drivers are all up to date. In fact, this is not particular to a given computer. I have tried to play on another computer and get the same issues.

All together, these issues make the game UNPLAYABLE.

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To those who are experiencing these issues, could you let us know:

  • Which server are you trying to connect to
  • your country
  • Your ISP
    So we can relay it to our team and see if there is any outage at the moment.

Server: 1822
ISP: Suddenlink

server 1808…spectrum is my isp…pingplotter shows 100% packet loss 1 point before server address. But of course ignasis closed my other thread begging funcom to look intoi it saying “it was isolated incidents” and surely the problem was on my end.

This is happening to multiple people on my server alone.

I also run a private server, and my server has been having these issues for the last 4 days.
About half of my players cant find the server on the server browser anymore. If they can, they get kicked randomly or are unable to re-join at all.

G-portal (The people who host all Conan Exiles servers) posted this notice yesterday afternoon:
“West Coast
Currently West Coast servers are experiencing issues with connecting and losing connection in the west coast. This is due to Issues with ISP’s And We are working with our datacenter to bypass these routes where possible, and resolve the issue. This is not a issue with the server, hardware or game, But with the internet in the region. While we can fix some issues/try to resolve some issues. alot of this is waiting until routes are restored and fixed.”

I tried asking support today for any updates, but they informed me there was no change.
I can’t seem to find any news about this issue anywhere else on the internet. But a large chunk of Conan Exiles players seems to be having this issue. It has gutted my server population and no one seems to have an update.

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I find it hard to believe that only gportal is having issues with isp’s, none other providers are?, just curious, because I am inthe same boat, certain servers are instant connect, while others have a miriad of problems of all sorts to even try to connect. And if you are lucky to do so, pray not to get disconnected (not Crom obviously).

Our server admin has sent tickets to gportal with no use. Maybe if it was Funcom as a company who issued a ticket, they’d feel more pressed or inclined to do something?.

Your plight has been heard, see the link below. In addition, the indications are that (potentially) an ISP outside Funcom and G-Portal’s control have an issue. That involves yet another buffer between source and problem.

Personally, I have gone into fits of rage over a connectivity issue only between me and the server hosting SWTOR. Inconsistent (read intermittent) latency. My point of entry was my ISP; Pingplotter located it downstream, with another node corporate host, but not far enough away to be seen by many people, and only noticeable in real-time MMOs. They refused to acknowledge the problem.

I’m sure that is not a situation we are in now and will not last the 6 months mine did.



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