Cant get into server

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash | Bug ]
Region: [EU]

Hello, my friend bought Conan like 2 weeks ago and he can’t play it, because every time he connects to any official/non-official server, he gets “Lost connection with the server” Error after like 1 minute or he gets “Failed to join requested game” and cant even connect. He tried to turn off antivirus with same result, everything in firewall is allowed for Conan. I sent two tickets 2 weeks ago with no response.

Perhaps issue with his router config or firewall.

I assume SP works for him?

SP works fine. He doesn’t have any issues with connection in other games

If SP works then localhost connection works. So the issue is either Firewall, Router or ISP. With the first 2 options being the most likely.