New Server owner having connection issues

I’m new to owning a server I got it set up ready to roll and I keep getting “Server not responding” i’ve spoken with the server host AGS Hosting and they are saying its due to Funcoms latest Conan update.
Heres what they said Im wondering if anyone can tel when if this is true or false?

Last Conan update broke something on their netcode and servers do not query on Steam, they don’t show on Battlemetrics, TopConanServerscom or any similar tools, and sometimes they don’t list correctly inside Conan server browser or sometimes they should duplicated with a ?? on it, that’s normal, it’s Conan update broken.

Conan dev’s are aware and they are working on the fix, you can follow up their discussion in this thread or on any other similar thread in their forums: (Had to delete this as it was a link)

For now, until dev’s fix the problem, check below how to workaround:

  • Be sure your server it’s updated, run the Steam Update button on your control panel
  • Be sure your mods are updated, update your mods from the control panel
  • Be sure your server it’s started and running, running servers usually show 4GB or more of ram usage on the control panel (tick the Auto Refresh option)
  • Open Conan and let the server list fully load, (exists around 20.000 Conan servers, be sure you let the list populate completely first) before searching for your server
  • If you see your server duplicated, ignore it, it’s because the broken update
  • If you can’t see your server, click on the Direct Connect button and place your server connection IP:PORT (example:

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