Conan Exile Server Browser Issue

Good Day Everyone,

I am having an issue with my dedicated server in the browser.

The Server shows my player level and the max number of players but not how many are on and the latency shows 9999ms. If I join via the browser I get stuck in a forever loading screen with the bar loaded fully.


When I use direct connect I join the server just fine and can play on the server with anywhere between 10-50ms. All my friends have the same issue however when direct connecting everything works as it should.

I have opened the ports on the router as well as in the windows firewall. The Server Launcher shows green lights next to all the ports with the port test function.

This issue happens on a clean base install of the server as well as a modded server.

What am I doing wrong?

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Just out of curiosity, what are the ports you’re using?

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I was using all default ports, except for the Web Page as something was already running on port 80. Web Page is running on port 2302.

So, 7777 and such? I think I’ve read somewhere that Conan Exiles client also tries to use those. That might be causing your problem. Try picking a non-standard port, like 28000 or so.

Should i look at changing these even when the server is hosted on a dedicated server in my friends house away from his main PC and he doesnt even play Conan Exiles?

It feels as if for some reason the in game browser doesnt query the server properly, Steam Server list shows all the correct details, just the in game browser is messed up

No. If that’s the case, then it’s not the port conflict issue I read about. I apologize if I misunderstood what was going on :slight_smile:

Can you tell me what server it is? I can use the server browser in BUGLE to check if it displays the correct values. If it doesn’t, then it’s not the in-game browser that’s bad, but you actually have a problem that needs to be solved.

So the full server name is as follows:

[ZA] The Average Gamers - AOC+BetterThralls

I was just looking at BUGLE and was gonna try it out after dinner to see if it works, let me know if it shows your side :slight_smile:

Mine is just showing ??? for latency and players in BUGLE

Yep, mine too. That means that it’s not getting a reply from port 7778. That most likely means that your server isn’t getting the ping request.

I chose to display “???” for ping rather than 9999, because I think 9999 is misleading.

It is so werid, let me double check the screenshot my mate sent me of the ports on his router, i have also opened all the ports on Firewall my side with the RDP access to the server.

I’m trying to connect to the server now, but it’s stuck at “Attempting to join game” screen:

I’ll try direct connect next.

Direct connect works 100s, we all play on the server through direct connect. Loads just fine. Only Server Browser that is giving me issues

What IP address do you use for direct connect? I’m using the one that’s reported by the server directory ( and it’s not working. Come to think of it, an IP ending in .254 is a bit weird. Are you sure your server is announcing the correct IP?

So we use the Public network IP:

The 20.20… IP is the internal one on the network adapater.

Ive now enabled Multihome on the server manager and set the public IP in there. Hoping this works, just want to give it a few minutes to see if it updates.

So using multihome and setting Public IP just puts the server in a crash/retstart loop

[2023.07.14-18.21.28:481][  0]LogServerStats:Error: ServerStatReporter: Failed to find address and port, NetDriver is null
[2023.07.14-18.21.28:481][  0]LogServerStats:Warning: Server stat startup report: No named session was found
[2023.07.14-18.21.28:481][  0]LogServerStats: Startup report. StartupTime=71 Name=[ZA] The Average Gamers - AOC+BetterThralls Map=The Exiled Lands QueryPort=0 Type=1 Region=0 MaxPlayers=0
[2023.07.14-18.21.28:482][  0]FUdpSocketBuilder: Failed to bind SourceServerQueries to
[2023.07.14-18.21.28:482][  0]FUdpSocketBuilder: Failed to configure multicast for SourceServerQueries (loopback: 0, ttl: 1)
[2023.07.14-18.21.28:482][  0]FUdpSocketBuilder: Failed to create and initialize socket SourceServerQueries (last error: 0)

Taking multihome setting off now and server stays up but back to having the browser issue

Okay, I downloaded the dedicated server launcher and now I’m trying to figure this out for myself. Apparently, the multihome setting forces the server to try to bind the specified port on the specified IP. You can’t bind on public IP, so multihome won’t work.

What does “External IP” field say in your dedicated server launcher?

here is a screenshot of my network config side for the server.
Ignore the red light on the web page it actually works.