Conan Exiles Dedicated Server No Longer Works

Just a few months ago I had a dedicated server up and running just fine with no problems. Just recently I decided to start up my server again but it no longer seems to work. My server does show up in the list but with a ping of 9999. I am able to directly connect to my server but when I try joining normally the game puts me on the loading screen for about 2 minutes and then I am met with an error known as “Pending Connection Failure” (Could not connect to server. Your connection to the host has been lost.) NOTE - Not sure if this information matters but I run the dedicated server on a different pc than the one I play Conan Exiles on.
Here is a list of things I have done so far
-Made sure the IP is static so it remains the same even when restarting pc/router
-All ports are open and are not being blocked by firewall
-Unistalling Steam and dedicated server software and files so I could start a fresh server to see if the mods were the issue
-Verifying Conan Exiles files and unistalling/reinstalling Conan Exiles

I’ve been at this for a few days and just can’t seem to fix this, any help would be much appreciated thank you!

I’ve had the same issue - same setup as you with a separate PC running my Conan server. After the change to Funcom Services, the Steam server connection doesn’t work anymore. I now have to use the Direct Connection option, manually typing my local IP:Game Client Port, e.g. For players to connect to my server, they also have to use the Direct Connection option using the External IP:7777, e.g. This is the only way we’ve been able to connect to our server. Using the in-game server list doesn’t seem to work anymore - at least not for us.

Ahh ok, that is strange, but I am able to direct connect just fine so that’s what I will do. Glad I’m not the only one with this issue, I’ve been asking around for a bit and no one seemed to know my problem. I hope they have a way of fixing this eventually. Thank you for your help!