Alternatives for Dedicated Server's Connection

Hey guys, Im pretty new to Conan exiles dedicated servers. So I was running into some trouble.

So here goes some problems i’ve run into:

  1. Personal Dedicated server’s almost never will show up at the game Server’s list

  2. Oftenly, when running a dedicated server, If you try to connect from the same machine. The game won’t display any server and it may reject your direct connections.

What other alternatives exists for connecting to Dedicated’s server or workarounds to these issues?

Any insights would be great :smiley:
Thanks in advance! :wink:

What I’m doing myself since a long time ago is launching the server with the -nosteam command line argument, that disables the steam client for the server, and thus it won’t show in server listings but it will allow you to run the game and the server in the same machine.

I just use the Direct Connect option and I type the local IP address of my machine every frkng time I need to connect :smile:

With this way it works and has been working since at least last April when I made the switch from single player to dedicated server.

Con of this -> Steam acievements don’t work.

Now, I’ve heard that there are options you could use, like making the server listen on a dedicated IP address, different than the public IP for your machine… or somehow changing which port the server uses, so it won’t conflict with the game client, because somehow that matters… but, In all honesty, I haven’t tried any of those methods so I cannot say for sure if they would work.

Someone said to me on Steam forums, that if you run the server as Admin, it also shouldn’t clash and thus the -nosteam parameter shouldn’t be required… but I tested that, and it still fails, server rejects the connection.

Tried server as admin, client as non-admin… server as non-admin, client as admin… neither did work.

Perhaps we need to wait for someone else to confirm if there are any other ways to proper setup the server to have it run locally in the same machine WITHOUT requiring other steam installation, account, whatever. (I don’t want to have to setup my account as family share, for example.)

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I’ve also found out that if you start Conan before starting the server, you are able to connect and won’t get your connection rejected, would that still keep Steam Achievements up? Not sure :stuck_out_tongue:

Obs: If we add the local IP to the ‘Multihome’ it won’t reject local connections

So, if ppl want to add the -nosteam parameter, where it should be written?

Good news; this is easy to do. In order to host and play on the same machine without problems, here’s what you need:

  1. Specify a Multihome flag in your command line. This flag’s value needs to be set to your local machine’s INTERNAL IPv4 address (not localhost). This will allow your server to appear in the Steam server browser both for yourself and for anyone connecting via LAN. To find the correct IP to use, open a command prompt (assuming Windows), and at the prompt type “ipconfig” (without quotes), then Enter. You need to use the value following the “IPv4 Address” field listed under your primary network adapter, which, if Ethernet, is typically some variation of “Local Area Connection” and will usually appear first in the list. In a typical NA DHCP configuration, the IP you want will likely look something like this: 192.168.0/ Example syntax:

  2. Specify a QueryPort flag in your command line. This flag’s value needs to be set to any valid port other than 27015 or 27016. Note that while you can connect and play on your own server without this flag set, neglecting it will eventually lead to unusual/undesirable/unpredictable bugs when playing locally, and will additionally result in significant performance degradation for both your server and client whenever you are running the client and server simultaneously - even when you are not playing on your own server. Unless you are running other Steam-based servers simultaneously on the same machine, I recommend you use port 27017. Syntax:

  3. Allow all UDP and TCP traffic through your local machine’s firewall(s) via ports 7777, 7778, 27015, 27016, as well as whatever port you specify in QueryPort AND +1 port beyond that. (For instance, if you use QueryPort 27017, allow traffic through both 27017 and 27018).

  4. Port-forward all of the ports from step 3 to your hosting machine’s local IP address (from step 1) in your router configuration.

  5. Do not use the -nosteam flag in your command line if you are playing and hosting on the same machine, as this will have other undesirable effects beyond removing your server from the server browser. In particular, it will eventually result in extremely annoying steam certificate errors that can lead to server-client login trouble as well as problems saving and retrieving your character.

Your command line should end up looking similar to this:
start /Normal ConanSandboxServer.exe -Multihome= -QueryPort=27017 -log

At this point, you should be ready to go. If you are running the server and the client from the same HDD (vs a SSD or separate drives), or if any of your clients complain of “Lost Connection to Server” errors when joining, you may also want to add these lines to your server’s Engine.ini file:



Edit: forgot to add, you can safely ignore the double-errors that occur when starting your server with Steam and/or the client already running. They are informational rather than stop errors, and will not adversely impact the server, your client, or Steam.

Happy gamin’!

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