Dedicated Server?



So I recently followed all the steps to set up a dedicated server that I can run for my friends and me. I set it up on my pc where I also play Conan from. For some reason when the server is running I can’t see any servers in game. Is this because I’m trying to run the game and the server from the same computer or some other issue. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!


Same problem here too, looking forward for a help!


I know that the main reason you are having this problem is that you’re not usually supposed to run a server from the machine that you will be playing from… but this link talks about how to make that work, assuming you haven’t figured it out yet anyways. It won’t let me add a link, so read between the lines on this one.

go to the steamcommunity dot com and add this to the link


Any interest in joining an established server? We run a PC PVP server that is fairly new. We have about 7 dedicated players on there now. All chill professionals. We are always looking for more though.