Looking for help with a dedicated server

I am using a spare PC to host a dedicated server. I am able to launch it and connect to it and it shows up in the conan server list for me. However my friend is not able to find it in conan. He can see the IP of the server in his steam server view tool but it says the game is not responding so he cannot join in. I was curious if anybody knows how I can fix this so that my friend and others can join into the server I host. The spare PC that I am using to host the server is connected to the same internet as the PC I play on not sure if this may affect it or not but I figured I would add as a precaution.

Question: Do you run a router? If Yes, Have you port forwarded the proper ports for the server?
If yes: Do you have 4G internet service? If yes, many 4G suppliers do not allow you to host servers as the network doesn’t handle incoming connections that well since many of the IP addresses are shared and there is no way of setting up port forwarding on the ISP servers. You CAN host a coop game and play that way, but without the patch for tethering players to the host, everyone has to travel together. (52,000 range in game is very tiny)

I run a router yes I have forwarded all ports I believe are necessary and I am wired on both PC’s so I am not sure if it connects to my default connection or my 5G connection.

This is the post I used to initially set up the server I have read through it a few times and have not been able to find a solution I definitely appreciate it however.

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