Connect to dedicated server not using Steam?

Is there a way to do this? I know steam wants it’s data on player metrics, but after Steam being down for 4 hours the other day, I’d like an alternate way to connect to my dedicated server. If this is something that can’t be posted publicly, please send me a message here privately, if you know a way. Thank you!!

Just refreshing this in hopes of some super smart steam wizard seeing it and having a solution.

No. Conan Exiles requires Steam authentication in order to launch Conan Exiles. There isn’t any way around it.

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Correct, you can be offline once you go through the startup process. Still have to launch through Steam though for that first initial check, after that it’s game on.

I had a session going on my dedicated server, then exited Steam and my CE client was closed by steam.

That’s server play though. What I meant was this works for single player. At least I’ve been told this by a few people, haven’t really tested it out personally.

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