Cant harvest anything but animals! do devs even respond with hope? $50 million dollars + and this game is half produced?

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Can’t harvest wood, or stone at all with this “NEW EPIC DLC”. You can walk through trees and stones but it glitches you back to where you started walking through it. I can barely climb anything. I make it up walls and stuff but if you climb to a ledge it puts you into free fall and you fall right back down. I can’t harvest anything. I found maybe 3 rocks and 2 trees in the jungle that are harvestable. The rest won’t take hits in first OR 3rd person. Your pick or hachet won’t take damage but you won’t get anything and the tree or rock will not break. I assume all ores will also do this. It’s unplayable in the state it is in. I’ve restarted the app. Restarted my system. Removed my bracelet. Nothing works. When you die, you usually sink into the ground, most of the time you need to remove your bracelet 3 times plus just to get your dead bodies inventory to open. And I mean that as in, my body is invisible or sunken into the ground, and if I’m lucky, IF, square will open my dead bodies inventory up. Otherwise my death as in the first death will pop up far from my actual death location. If it doesn’t pop up far away, it doesn’t pop up at all. This update sucks. It’s not all cosmetic like stated. It’s $10 and the game is more broken than B4. You ppl hit well over 1 million sold copies. That’s 50 million dollars. FIX THE GAME YOU MADE $50 MILLION ON. SPEND SOME PROFIT ON THE GAME. That would MAYBE earn you guys more money, IF, everyone isn’t already in the process of quitting and uninstalling this game. Thanks for wasting weeks upon weeks of grinding and crafting just to wipe all our orbs and most players entire bases. Thanks for having me spend $50 on a game I THOUGHT would be better than Ark. Apparently Ark is less greedy than you guys.

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