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Hey so on day two now I cant harvest any mats wood stone nada have restarted game shut it down restarted my system nothing ran to different areas o fmap nothing I am on an official server everyone else on the server can collect their mats ???

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Have you tried different types of tools? This may sound crazy but try using some of your Emotes I have seen it fix several different issues in the last year. Good Luck. @Prisoner-01.

Yes I have tried different type of tool all my emotes opening the event log and closing it I have restarted 3 times now I can collect far from by base but everything near my base I walked right through it but he animals I can kill and skin xamt collect wood stone or plant fiber plant fiber I can collect manually thought.

So I guess the sixth restart was the lucky number it’s fixed its self.

I don’t have a answer. I would recommend bumping @Hugo or @Ignasi. Give them all the information you can. Pvp pve location on map server number. Maybe a screen shot .

GLAD to hear it. Have fun out there.

Sent the one message hours ago bad connection at work.

I found just waiting in area, will often fix it. Online there can be abit of server lag, as it goes thru all info. They may actually be despawned, but your ps4 is saying its there, till server tills it otherwise.

Or can just be abit of memory issue. Its hard pin point, as I’ve had this happen offline in single player. But again, waiting a few moment will often fix it.

Or you harvest and tree or rocks dont break till moment later. XD

Hello @Prisoner-01, this might’ve been due to lag induced client desync, depending on your connection, the login area and the server load, you might have to wait up to a few minutes upon logging to ensure that your client and the server become properly synchronized.

Should it persist, please reach out to us while specifying the server, ping and whether you’re on wired or wireless connection.

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