Can't log into my game

**Game mode:Single-player
**Type of issue:Other
Server type: not playing PVP, PVE
**Region: Canada
**Hardware: Xbox Series X

Bug Description:

I cannot log into my game. I hit “continue”, then “single player” and it reverts back to XBox home screen. Been happening for the last 8 days. Can’t start a new game either on same or different profile.

Shouldnt be banned from single player. Must be some horrible bug.

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If it goes back to the xbox home, that sounds like a game crash. Your save may be corrupted unfortunately

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Thx. Won’t let me start a new game either.

Have you tried a reinstall?

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Just a thought based on some trouble-shooting I had to do recently on PC:

Try setting the graphics to “low” and capping the FPS to 30 or 60 first and then start SP or join a server.


As Jimbo suggested, please try to reinstall and let us know if the issue still persists.

Thank you in advance.

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