Cant mod on Xbox PC

Did the ability to put mods on the PC version completely go away? Friend of mine wants to join my server via the xbox launcher for PC ofc, but there’s no way to add a mod, I run one mod on the server but there are none to activate for people it seems if they are on xbox PC or are we missing something completely?

Hello @Jiraya82, welcome to the forums!

It’s not quite as straightforward as Steam, unfortunately. Take a look here:

Hello and thank you, so in essence, unless you want to fiddle for hours, use steam. Cause that post is old and the mod option that’s mentioned within is now gone since with the last update it’s supposed to be automatic (HAH!)

Hi @Jiraya82

We have a Zendesk article on how to install mods on the Microsoft store of Conan Exiles.

Hope this helps!