No "Mods" option in main menu

Me and my wife have downloaded the game through Gamepass PC and enabled modifications in the xbox app, in her pc everything is normal but in mine there is no “Mods” option in the main menu. Does anyone knows how to solve this?

Only information we have is this.

This is caused by the C: install only thing. There is a workaround:

WARNING: This is for advanced users only. Make sure you fully understand the implications of what you are doing. Neither myself or Funcom take any responsibility for any issues that arise from this workaround.

Background: Let’s assume you have Conan Installed on E drive


  1. In windows explorer go to C:\Program Files and right click on ModifiableWindowsApps
  2. go to the Security Tab > Advanced > In the owner section at the top hit “Change”
  3. in the object box type “Administrators” > then check names
  4. In the permissions windows (still in advanced) scroll down to Users and click “edit”
  5. Grant write access or “full control” to users

Now all you need to do is create a symlink / directory junction to your installed directory

  1. Go to windows start and search for “cmd”
  2. Right click on command prompt and say run as administrator
  3. In the command prompt enter the following command:

Replace E with whatever drive you are using:

mklink /J "C:\Program Files\ModifiableWindowsApps\Conan Exiles" "E:\Program Files\ModifiableWindowsApps\Conan Exiles"

And your done.

What the command above does - it creates a HD link between your two drives as a hard directory junction. Meaning the files are still physically on your E drive but anything looking in your C drive will traverse the link.

Funcom: Seems to me the easiest fix is do the same exact thing when the game installs.

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