Cant Play this game anymore. pls make an Update :(

Hi all. I love this game very much.I have play this game very long before its released and after the released to.My last good game was begin 2019 and all works good. My PC was a low end pc i think
Geforce 750 GX Ti
AMD FX™-4300 Quad core 3.8 ghz
8 gb Ram
The game work good , lags was very rare and i have no problem with the game.

Than i make a long time no game. I have to work very often and my time to play was gone.
I Build a new PC from 2 pcs , my old and the old pc from my woman
Geforce 750 GX Ti
Amd FX™-6300 Six Core 3.5 ghz
16 gb Ram
now i like to play again this game. But no… that cant work iam very sad about that. The game Freeze very often and i have make many many things. Startoption change with USEALLAVIABLECORES. NVIDIA Settings to make Max Performance. Update all what i can do. Make all ingame setting on low. Use Laptop low end Settings. And many many things more. But nothing works i have freezes , in battles… and when i stay and do nothing ingame. The games freeze with slow motion sound…Nothing work and yes Vsync is off … nothing work… can you do anything? I love the game very much and iam a big conan fan. I can’t afford to buy a new pc the game works on my old pc and yet that… thats so unfair :frowning: thanks for read and sorry for my english , i try my best iam german

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