Performance in Singleplayer horrible (Upd. 34 #1)

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: germany

Before update 34 (Part 1 not 2) the game ran quite ok apart from the other bugs. Graphics card Radeon R9 270 2GB, with medium settings i think.

At the moment I have a GF GTX 1060 with 6GB and play as poor as never before. Playable only in the lowest resolution the GF Experience recommends as optimization.

The game crashes countless times. After restarting, items have disappeared and/or item X has disappeared and item Y has been duplicated.

I’m sorry but I’m increasingly losing the confidence that Funcom will ever be able to make this a solid game.


seeing you switched from radeon card to nvidia, did you uninstalled the radeon drivers completely and installed nvidia drivers?
i assume you did, hey mistakes do happen.

What Noxsa said: please make sure all Radeon drivers are uninstalled and that Nvidia drivers are up to date :slight_smile:

If there is any rest of the Radeon driver left, I will try to make sure. The Geforce drivers are the latest ones already.

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So I was able to exclude the mentioned sources of error which leads us back to the initial suspicion, the game. No other game shows such performance problems - And apparently what I didn’t see before, there are countless reports of such problems, apparently even with GF cards.

With the standard monitor resolution (in my case - 1920x1080) the game almost always crashes after about 15 minutes. GF Experience recommends lowest settings at 1360x768 - This runs more stable but produces constant performance peaks where the game is extremely hanging.

980 gtx on 2k resolution and haven’t had crashing issues. 32 gbs of RAM, i7 5820k and a Samsung SSD.

I do have stuttering issues but I expect them to be resolved on my next PC build and new fresh install of Windows (eta a few weeks). I am using driver’s 399.07 though because of an issue related to UE4 and 4k monitors with newer Nvidia driver’s. Not sure I’d that’s helpful or not.

I would start with general PC troubleshooting before just pointing the finger at the game. If this was a wide spread problem, it would be all over the forums. Verify your steam files if you haven’t already. If you are running an AMD processor, then has been reports in the past of weird conflicts with that, where some ini tweaks or driver versions were able to resolve those.

So I could try an older driver and try it. this is not a bad idea.

Well I point the finger at the game because everything else runs great :slight_smile: Thus it is already an obvious choice. Windows 10 is almost freshly installed and I certainly won’t try to reinstall it because of CA - that would go a bit too far.

Otherwise I like to try out all the tips. I can’t come up with 32 GB and an i7 or comparable yet, first it was Graka’s turn - but all other games work fine.

Most likely the newer driver’s will work better because they are more compatible with the latest version of Windows. There are over 8K players currently playing Conan on their PCs, and I’m sure many of them are using the latest available. But, worth a shot right?

This may or may not help, but I have found that Malwarebytes and Bitdefender hate each other when using the UE4 dev kit (usually Malwarebytes in the past plays along great with other virus protections). So I always shut off Malwarebytes whenever I’m doing anything Conan related. I also found that Bit defender tself was causing some issues, so I had to tell bit defender to take a chill pill and let Conan have all permissions. Finally, updating Bit defender to it’s latest versions a actually bumped up my frames a little bit and my stuttering got a bit better.

The fact that I have stuttering issues, and people with less powerful PCs then I don’t, and the revelation that adjusting my software locally seems to alter my performance, leads me to believe that there is something or something’s that are installed or configured in such a way that Conan behaves odd.

: D I have RX580 8g 16gb ram 14fps medium clean joke all: D

hi, what i need to do on my system (win 7, 8gb, and basic nvidia 540m, or integrated intel hd3000) is this, and i can get more stability from it.

  • have computer offline (no other services or un-needed programs running etc)
  • use the nvidia rightclick menu to make steam load with one of the gfx cards,
  • and make the game launch with nvidia. (sometimes the other way around, or both using the same could help)
  • set gfx options in game to limit fps framerate to 30
    and so far im coming up to level 50 for my character :slight_smile:

maybe trying something like that could help you, or even ne of the memory tools (i think its free for a month) by glarry which frees up memory just before you launch the game.
(my windows is basic hard drive, but game files are on a usb ssd)

(i still get a soft crash back to the desktop per hour of play time, but the savegames seem ok, and while i can get some hard computer crashes and need to reboot, sometimes i get like 4hours of solid game play, and this is local offline solo with 48 mods) only a few are larger mods though, some other ones are just extra recipes or other player changes like getting 1 bark from a shaped wood :smiley:

qestion, do you run the game with mods? if you run no mods, ignore the most part wat i’m about to say!

you run mods: do you have building mods, some mods are so good they are really TO good, meaning the mod maker means it well but used all high-rez textures, so in turn the more you build with set mod the lower your fps will eventually get! now make a note, building with vanilla stuff and packing them so close and detailed in one spot will lower your fps also, BUT the vanilla stuff is usually lower rez and you have to really pack stuff to lower your fps. anyways

That said, yes there is an performance drop sins last game, and i have a number of bugs…

For a vanilla game the problem sounds a bit weird. I also have a 1060 6GB and I play with 1920x1080 on Ultra. In most situations I have 60 FPS (I’ve enabled vsync and my Monitor does run on 60Hz). Only sometimes it goes down to around 50 FPS. I play online on an official PvP server.

Are there other changes you made on your system. Did you for example updated to the new Windows version? Maybe a piece of software or another piece of hardware is not compatible with it.

Did you use the “AMD Clean Uninstall Utility” to completely remove the driver for your Radeon GPU? Try that one and if it doesn’t help, there is an option in the nvidia experience software to also completely uninstall and reinstall the nvidia driver. Maybe that helps.

Just did read something on the German news portal Did you buy the GPU on eBay? If yes, did you try other games? Currently on eBay there’s a big scam. They sell modified GTS450 as GTX1060. Chances shouldn’t be very high you have such a card, because for now I did only read about faked 3GB cards, but I wanted to mention it. If they can take 3GB cards it should be also possible to take 6GB cards.

Yesterday I spent hours on the settings and tried some tuning tips. I thought this wouldn’t be a bad idea before trying an older driver.

Somehow the last settings were Conan compatible :smiley: - and the game actually ran for about two hours.

Then came the crash and suddenly the memory of the graphics card filled up instantly (running a log in background). It was similar with the main memory where it was not quite 100%. Probably would be interesting if this is always so.

So I have Malewarebytes but only a few days, in connection with Win 10 Defender before I always had a separate virus scanner. And the errors before and after are the same - but what I can disable or prevent for playing I will try.

That as little as possible should run in the background is clear. I wouldn’t disconnect from the internet now or was the Steam offline mode meant ? I don’t know how to do that under Steam - in this case it won’t work.

That’s mostly otherwise actions are if the computer does not have the necessary performance - But Conan even ran better with a Graka with less power and stable. The computer could certainly stand a better CPU and more RAM, but it plays everything else very well with the old Radeon and the new GF 1060 and I still have to explore the limits.


Yes I use mods, but of course I test the whole thing before in raw state especially after the two updates 34 #1+2.

Vanilla with all these bugs is no attraction for me. I don’t have any complex mods some make the bugs more bearable or eliminate them. Pippi is installed and a teleport mod. Not with additional graphical effort. More or less little things for singleplayer.

So the crash behavior is the same without mods - but of course if it was a computer problem and not a Conan problem it would probably gain some performance without mods.


As already written above, I have now reached two hours playing time by trying around with the settings until the crash occurred. The settings, if I remember correctly, are all Medium, Shadow off, FPS Limit off. Between 75-100 FPS and every now and then outbreaks downwards to 30 FPS for one second so a stuttering that occurs every now and then.

Changes ? - So I have Windows 10 only a few months and don’t know for sure what is there in terms of hardware compatibility. My CPU and motherboard are a bit older and could probably be upgraded, but everything else is playable with higher settings.

I had used AMD Clean and another time after a tip in this thread.


Yes, it seems to be really bad with these scammers - I’ve read about it on heise, ct’ etc. too. The hint is good, but no I would never buy hardware on ebay in my life, especially not used stuff.

Great, my trust is now leaving the room :smiley: Now I will have to check the part for authenticity to find peace again. :smile:

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